Ok ya'll - you're letting me down. There's a thousand ways you and your friends can use 10k to improve the world - engineering a solution nobody would pay for because it's not something you can put at a booth at RSAC.

EVERYONE ON THIS LIST needs to either submit for a grant, or find someone who will submit for a grant. You're telling me not one of those superhackers at Microsoft and Google can find a worthy project? It's Thursday, and there's 5000 people on this list, each of which can destroy whole systems of the world with their minds, but actually all I want now is for them to work up the energy to fill out this google form. I have a whole team of very cool people waiting to help walk you through the process once you do. 

And the grant recipients that get selected are also going to get mentored by experienced members of the field - the head of the mentorship committee started a little zine back in the day called Wired and knows basically EVERYONE, and I think the mentorship alone should convince you to submit a grant request. 

Anyways, typey typey. Get to it. :)


Here's one of last year's submissions, which I quite like.